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Garage Doors Store Repairs Philadelphia, PA 267-863-2515Garage door openers are wonderful modern device that offer the ultimate in convenience. Just as your garage door contains several complex parts, so too does the garage door opener. When you first buy a remote, contact our company to have a technician come out to calibrate it. It won’t automatically open and close your garage door until it is connected to the lift feature. If your remote needs repair, you can depend on the expertise of Garage Doors Store Repairs since we have worked on all brands of openers in the past.

Our company carries a large inventory of new garage door remotes to fit any style and price range. Many of these products also come with several high-tech features. When it is time to purchase a new opener for your garage door, call Garage Doors Store Repairs for a consultation. We will show you the options available and explain the special features of any one that you may be interested in purchasing.