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Garage Doors Store Repairs Philadelphia, PA 267-863-2515When it comes to you garage door, ignoring even a small repair issue could have unintended and expensive consequences. That is because most parts fail due to everyday wear and tear. The longer you wait to contact Garage Doors Store Repairs for assistance, the greater the likelihood the part will break completely and affect all of the other components of your garage door. That being said, you never want to attempt garage door repairs yourself unless you have had extensive and specialized training like the technicians at our company. Contact us to resolve your garage door repairs in Philadelphia, PA.

Our goal with every service call is to surpass all of your expectations. Meeting your expectations means that we only did what we said we would do. Going beyond them means that our service technicians went out of their way to provide excellence. We are never in such a hurry that we can’t take the time to explain how and why we are completing certain actions. Our employees always do what is best for you, including making recommendations for future maintenance and repairs.

Garage Door Inspections 

If you own a remote control garage door opener, it only takes a few seconds for the garage door to raise or lower. It looks simple, but it actually involves the coordination of several complex mechanical parts. When even one of them breaks, it’s possible that none of the other parts will work like they should. This can be frustrating to realize, especially when you’re pressed for time and your garage door suddenly becomes non-functional. While your frustration is understandable, it can be short-lived when you contact Garage Doors Store Repairs for immediate help.

Regular inspections of your garage door give us the opportunity to see if any part is severely worn and at risk of breaking. We check the springs, cables, tracks, and every other component that enables your garage door to work. Our repair technicians fix minor issues on the spot or recommend a future appointment for problems that require more time to fix. We always let you know the reason that we make a specific recommendation.

Damaged Doors

All mechanical systems wear down eventually, especially those that are used multiple times each day like your garage door. Even when you keep on top of maintenance, your garage door can sustain damage when struck by a vehicle or as the result of some type of storm. When you can’t get in and out of your garage or you’re concerned about the door being safe, you need help right away. Garage Doors Store Repairs will be there quickly to evaluate the damage. After going over our findings with you, we’re ready to get right to work with repairs.

Garage Doors That Won't Track

Your garage door would not be able to raise and lower without tracks to keep it in place. Occasionally, the door may come off the tracks and get stuck in either the up or down position. This can occur due to everyday wear and tear, extremely hot or cold temperatures, or because an object is on the track and preventing it from moving. The garage door cables can also snap unexpectedly, which is always an emergency. Garage door track problems usually happen on just one side.

You should avoid trying to get your door back on its track without expert help. It could come loose and fall down on you or cause further damage to the garage door. Our company is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to garage door track problems. We realize that you may be stuck in your garage and will dispatch a technician to assist you right away.

Every garage door spring needs to have the tension strength that is equal to the weight of the garage door. It could cause an urgent situation if the tension strength is off by even 10 pounds. Our technicians can evaluate the weight ratio to make sure that it’s where it needs to be. We also encourage you to contact us if you’re not sure that your garage door springs have the tension they need.