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Garage door springs are tiny parts that enable it to withstand the pressure of up to several hundred pounds bearing down on them. When a spring breaks without warning, it can cause serious injuries and significant property damage. Although it typically occurs when the garage door is down, springs occasionally give way when the garage door is up. This causes the door to come loose and crash to the ground. Anyone near the garage door could be crushed under several hundred pounds of pressure.

An inexperienced person should not go anywhere near garage door springs. It is essential to leave this type of repair or maintenance to technicians who have several years of training and experience. With Garage Doors Store Repairs being available 24 hours a day, you don’t have to take the risk that a spring might suddenly break. We are happy to inspect your springs whenever and wherever in Philadelphia, PA

You need us.

Torsion Springs

Garage Doors Store Repairs Philadelphia, PA 267-863-2515The torsion springs in your garage door uncoil when you open the door or press a button on your remote control. Towards the top of your garage door is a strong beam that makes it possible for the springs to help lift or lower it. Torsion springs return to being tightly coiled when someone closes the garage door. Each tiny spring can withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure bearing down on them. This type of spring is also prone to wear and to sudden failure.

To an untrained eye, all torsion springs may look alike. In reality, each one has slight differences in diameter and length as well as the size of its wires. This knowledge is crucial when it comes time to repair or replace a torsion spring. At Garage Doors Store Repairs, we evaluate each torsion spring to figure out how many more times you can safely raise and lower your garage door before replacement becomes necessary. The larger the garage door, the more torsion springs it needs to withstand its weight.

Extension Springs 

When you open your garage door, its extension springs use constriction and extension motions to get the door to the up position. Thanks to extension springs, the service technicians at Garage Doors Store Repairs are able to place heavy equipment on the inside of your garage door’s system that allows it to function as a whole. Like the other types of springs, extension spring in good operating condition can withstand tension up to several hundred pounds.